Thursday, January 31, 2008

Why are we so different? #1

Quite often, I am reminded of just how different Richard and I scares me so I try not to dwell on those thoughts too long :-). However, our (ok ...maybe more mine than his) goal for the month of January was to get the two bedrooms re-painted. We've suffered thru several projects together on this house and realized early on we handle projects entirely from a different viewpoint and management status. Let's just say it has not been "healthy" for our union. I think this is the case of many married couples however, unless you can hire everything done. This picture totally reflects what I am talking about. Richard said he would take care of painting the
small bedroom...and added the words "just let me do it my way"... meaning "stay-out and if you do come in keep your mouth shut". I tried.. .believe me I did. Each day I would just have to take a peek and repeat outloud to myself, "I will not make a comment.. .I will not make a comment....". Well, when you look at this picture that I've posted you will see why it is hard for me to not be frustrated at how different we are. Now, when I paint a room, I start at the top and paint down doing the entire wall in that particular area I am working in... I mean I have the paint right there, the ladder, the wet brush, the rag, the floor covered... so I just get 'er done! As you can see, Richard does it quite differently .... he does the center of the walls... and does the whole room that way first. He then goes BACK to those very same areas later (and we're talking days later) and paints up next to the ceiling and down next to the floor trim....which to me seems like alot of wasted time since you have already been in that exact same spot with all the painting stuff. I did pose that thought to him... to which I got a "I said to just let me do it my way" response....So here we are two weeks after he started and the room is still in the same condition with just the primer on the walls and nothing done about the top 2 inches... and my tongue is bloody from biting it so often.....realizing it's Jan. 31st.... goal date...un-done project...and still trying to adjust to sharing this life with another person. richie..... ya gotta love him.

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