Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Good Part of Being Different

OK... so my hubby must be reading my blog since when I got home late from clinic the other night he had been painting :-) ..... and since he didn't have a mid-day route on Friday and hadn't seen me all week, said he'd take me to lunch at my favorite place... the General Store in Minnetonka. Since we differ on what time "lunch" is (he eats lunch at 10:30 am since he's been up since 1:30 am and I eat lunch somewhere between 12:30 and 1:00 pm -- a constant conflict for us on weekends) we compromised for lunch at 11:30. One thing I struggle with is things taking me much longer than I anticipate...hence, I'm often late to things. But not Richie... this is where our being different is good for me, cuz he does his best to try to get me to see this about myself, which most times I balk at. His idea of getting somewhere is being 15 minutes early... which drives me idea of being somewhere is walking in right in the nick of time or ... yeah, I admit 5 mn late. This is why on route days, even though we BOTH have to be at the bus garage at the exact same time...we drive separate cars:-) dumb is that you say ????? Well, it saves an argument...He's usually standing at the door fully dressed for the outdoors and I'm still in the living room vacuuming. We're supposed to report in at 2... and be up at the Middle School parked in our pick-up spot shortly thereafter as school dismisses at 2:25. Well, in my mind.. why sit in a cold bus and wait for 25 mn???? So I drive into the lot about 2:05, find my route and my bus and get up to the school about 2:15 or 2:20.... and Richie ??? well, let's just say that on Friday after lunch I was even a tad early on my way to the bus garage at 1:55 and as I drove by the Middle School on the way... there was Richie in his bus already pulling up to the school 30 mn before they even dismissed... I just had to laugh...he's always the perfect employee --- and when the boss is worried cuz I'm not onsite yet, guess who they call? Yup, they call him asking if he knows where his wife is... poor guy. So, I guess it's good that he's different than me....when we do go somewhere together he always makes sure we have plenty of time. If you're down in the Cities, head west down Highway 7 about 5mn off 494...You'll find the General Store... a great little country styled gift shop and eating of my favorites!

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