Friday, August 29, 2008

Great Find!

Right after we moved back, Ria's kids were over checking out our new home. One of the first things Cooper said to me was "Oh yeah! Now we can have easter egg hunts around the little lake again!" It just made my day that he had remembered the tradition we had when I lived here 4 yrs ago as he would have only been age 3 and 4 back then. I got an even better surprise when unpacking boxes the other day, I came across this picture...haven't seen it in 4 yrs as there were several boxes I had not ever unpacked down in the cities. We even had one that year when there was still ice on the lake! Look how little Kennedy was! Can't wait til next spring when we can do it again and cousins Delaney, Jillian and Elliott (aka Joe-Bud) can join in the fun with us!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ya Never Know.....

So Mom, do you recognize the lady in the picture? I took Richard to his first RedHawks game on Sunday Afternoon and guess who we sat right by? She's IN LOVE with Hawkeye she says... going to have her 80th birthday party in to see old neighbors from my childhood. Richard thought the game was a gas and was thinking he should get a job working there next summer....hummmm....until he saw the ushers had to dance on top of the dug-outs between innings...luckily, his workaholic nature evaporated right there. He also had another "first" on Saturday night. Since I had made plans with gal-pals down at the lakes, he was solo for the first time on a night off from the Forum --- about Thursday he asked me if I knew where the town of "Lisbon" in some county called "Ransom" was out in ND somewhere..... of course I chuckled and told him "ya, you betcha". Turns out he was going to head down to the Ransom County Fair and attend their demolition derby, since we had just been to his yearly favorite one down in Farmington the weekend before. So I head off to Pelican Lake, while he heads west out of Fargo. Soon I get a call... he's lost... asks me if I've heard of the town of Kindred and Leonard...seems he thought a shortcut down County Rd. 18 out of Casselton would be the quickest way... as I'm telling him "doesn't Highway 46 just take off from I-94 and take you straight to Lisbon?" He's not sure... so I call my Mom since that's her hometown...but she's gone. When I arrive in Comormant I get another call telling me he's in a darling little town he called "ENDERLING".... to which I just had to chuckle thinking my Dad must be laughing his head off up in heaven somewhere...anyway, he made it to the derby...was disappointed they only had 17 cars compared to the 110 they had in the Cities but said I was certainly right when I warned him all he was going to find out there was cowboys and indians....

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

He's 34 Today - The Reigning Wild Marsh Golf Champ!

So I'm sitting there sipping my coffee around 7 AM on this day off from the clinic remembering 34 yrs. ago today when this handsome young man arrived in my world. All of a sudden this great commercial comes on of this young dude, about 13 yrs. old with curly, light blondish-brownish hair, standing in front of a mirror in his new school clothes admiring himself all while practicing his come-in line to the girls the first day of junior high school... and I couldn't help but crack a laugh thinking of how much it reminded me of Ryan at that age...and realizing too how much that young man sorta looked like Carter and how quickly Carter & Cooper would be in that stage of life...I think it was a K-Mart commercial...whatever, it's one that'll make you smile. All of a sudden another commercial comes on...and I'm thinking as I'm watching it "hey now that lady is living the life that I was born to live"...she's driving her light blue fancy convertible down an oceanfront road with her hair in a scarf and her big sunglasses on with her cute white puppy hanging out the back that's the life I thought. Haven't quite gotten there yet, but guess there is always hope. After all, my baby boy is only 34 yrs. old today! Happy, Happy Birthday Ryan!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Ya know you're in North Dakota when....

Last week I had my first experience with that true feeling of "oh yeah, ya bectcha I'm back" in North Dakota when closing the clinic up one afternoon. We offered massage therapy back in Chaska as we do here in Fargo. When patients would call for massage work back in the metro they'd be very specific..... requesting a swedish massage, a reflexology massage, or a myofascial release massage or even a hot stone massage. This is the phone call I received from an individual here in Fargo ! "HEY yeah...ummmm lady... do umm... you got that girl there still?" I'm now thinking does he mean the female chiropractor? so I say "Excuse me sir?" and he goes on to say "yeah, you know that girl you guys got over there.. .you know the one that does that back-scratchin?" which I had to put him on hold so I could get my belly laugh out!

Friday, August 15, 2008


Happy 10th Anniversary to this glam couple.... AND Happy, Happy 8th Birthday to this beauty of a young lady both celebrating today!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

U Can Count on U-Haul!

We really didn't have anyone to help us move....and with Richie up here 2 weeks before I could get here, I was left there alone with "how is this ever going to work out?" issues. Also, with Doc in Chaska freaking because I was leaving suddenly, my free time ended up being spent training her in on what I actually did for her there for 3 years! Thus the "how are we going to get all this crap loaded and up to Fargo?" question just sorta hung there like soggy laundry. I just gotta say that God certainly does provide... even for me of little faith that it will all come we found a truck available in 24 hrs notice on a Sunday AND the guy there felt so sorry for us he offered up two of his men to help us load ! IN THE RAIN none-the-less.... I was so thankful, I just had to take their picture as Richard was giving them a ride in a loaded truck back to their car at the U-Haul Store. We've still got a truckload to get up here... any offers?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I forgot to mention in the prior post that I brought my husband along for the move! He's had some major changes to get adjusted to, having been a metro boy his entire life. While I've been whining to move home for the past year, he's been patiently listening to me and agreeing to at least "try it". Since we moved in the summer months and it's not minus 30 degrees with the wind blowing from the North at 30mph, he's still here after 4 weeks. Check back in January to see if he's still hanging in there with me... but so far, he loves it. It's been hilarious to hear his comments however. After his first few days it was "Hey, Hon did you know you can drive to just about any point in Fargo within 15 minutes"? Another was "did you know that during the middle of the night they turn all the stoplights in downtown Fargo to just flashing yellow so you don't have to sit and wait for a red light"? I think his biggest complaint has been that the TV weather man can never get the forecast right here compared to Mpls. and I KNOW his biggest adjustment has been not being able to listen to Al Malmberg on WCCO radio from 1AM to 5AM every morning while doing his routes. The pic above was last week when by chance, I ran into Richard washing out his truck over on 34th Street in Mhd. during their paving marathon last Tuesday. It's odd how no matter where I am I seem to run into him out on the job. When we both drove bus for Chaska last winter there were 85 different busses out on 3 different runs each... do the math and think of the odds ....and who would I usually drive by out in a neighborhood or pull up right behind at a school drop? Richard! The weirdest occurence was last summer when I was driving thru a neighborhood over in Shakopee and I was talking to him on my cell... I had no idea what part of the Metro he was even working in that day and who drives by on the cross street right in front of me while sitting at a stop sign? Richard! I'm like.. are you in Shakopee right now cuz I think you just drove right by me....SO, a couple of weeks here and already I can't sneak- shop cuz he seems to be lurking around a street corner somewhere... Good thing is though he loves the job, thinks his co-workers are awfully nice to him, and looks pretty cute in a hard hat....well--sorta ! I did ask him last weekend though on our way back to Mpls if he remembered when our anniversary was... he did pretty good on that, BUT I then asked him how many years ago we got married and he said (much to my bewilderment) FIVE! 5 ??????? Guess it seems like 5 to him when it's only been two! Men....uff-dah

Change is GOOD!

A few weeks ago, I said goodbye to my family and friends at Chaska Family Chiropractic. One of those life experiences that can only be described as bittersweet. The sadness of leaving friends and a routine that you found comfort in. The anticipation of making new acquaintances, satisfying a new boss, learning new procedures, protocol and settling into a new routine of life. Yet, the sweetness of returning to your old comfort zone, your dearest lifetime friends, your old church and even your old street address! Fortunately, I can say it's been everything I knew it would be... almost perfect. Once the rest of my "stuff" arrives it will seem like I never left!