Thursday, August 14, 2008

U Can Count on U-Haul!

We really didn't have anyone to help us move....and with Richie up here 2 weeks before I could get here, I was left there alone with "how is this ever going to work out?" issues. Also, with Doc in Chaska freaking because I was leaving suddenly, my free time ended up being spent training her in on what I actually did for her there for 3 years! Thus the "how are we going to get all this crap loaded and up to Fargo?" question just sorta hung there like soggy laundry. I just gotta say that God certainly does provide... even for me of little faith that it will all come we found a truck available in 24 hrs notice on a Sunday AND the guy there felt so sorry for us he offered up two of his men to help us load ! IN THE RAIN none-the-less.... I was so thankful, I just had to take their picture as Richard was giving them a ride in a loaded truck back to their car at the U-Haul Store. We've still got a truckload to get up here... any offers?

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