Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bring The Rain

Bring The Rain is one of my favorite blogs to spend time with. This was a recent post. After watching it, I had this strange vision of me at age 3.... somewhere in my past I had a purple dress like this, bangs cut like this, and pudgy upper arms like this little darlin.... take a peek... it'll bring a chuckle to your Monday!

What Would I Do All Day at the Lake - Take #2

Teach Hazel how to SWIM out to Grandma's raft... hop on board, jump off again and head to shore !

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Obedience Training Attempt #101

This is me in the new outside kennel my parents got for me... since I bark constantly when left alone in the cabin and can't seem to keep from jumping up and down on every single person that comes near me....

This is me trying to bite my way out of my new kennel.... only took me a few minutes.... notice my cute white front fangs stuck in the netting :-)

just another normal day in hazelwood

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hey Miss Emme

Remember when we were comparing notes on Katelyn's lap at the 4th of July Party??? Well THANKS girl for proving I'm not the only puppy enjoying naughtyville. After my mommy saw your mess she felt a bit better about my misbehavin' until she came home from work for lunch today and saw me standing here in the entryway instead of in the gated kitchen where she left me this morning... I had some mighty fun with my freedom today and decided to raid the hats and mittens cubby. I learned how to obtain this freedom by jumping over my gate those silly parents of mine put up for me... Come over soon for another sleepover... I'll teach you my tricks. That is if I ever get out of doggie jail.

P.S. If the pics are a tad blurry that's cuz Mommy's camera was on the bench and I got so excited when I saw her coming home that I peed all over it... ouch...that was BAD.

Say What ? ?

This is Richie...standing in front of the cabin he rented "just for me". He told me not to expect him there too much because "After all, he wasn't a "lake" person like I am... and besides what would he DO all day at the lake? and how could he deal with not working 24/7???"

SO..... last week was vacation... I MADE him take 3 of his vacation days he had coming.... much to his dismay

and this folks is what I found inside the cabin when I came up from the beach.....

this one was Wednesday

this one was Thursday

I won't show you what he looked like by Friday :-)