Friday, June 27, 2008

The View From Here

The clouds out over the lake tonite were amazing...I just had to spend some time enjoying the view. The master lake list has been checked off, the bins are packed, and the cars are loaded for our annual trip to the Galaxy Resort tommorrow. This year we are holding "Cousin Camp" for Katelyn, Carter, Cooper, Kennedy, Delaney, Jillian and Elliott...and of course Bailey and Miss Emme.....not sure I call that a relaxing vacation for me :-), but hopefully we can make this an annual event and a tradition the 7 cousins will carry on for a lifetime!

Sandi to the Rescue again....

I think it's time Richie quits operating a motor vehicle.. after the 4am breakdown a few weeks ago and the burial of his beloved "KIA", he did something he terms "lose the back end" of his truck... so these pictures were taken today with me following him in his truck heading straight to the repair shop...he loves that stupid old truck, even though he has no ownership to it. Must be a "man thing". The occurence reminded me of another thing I like about living out here in the western suburbs... the little market shed and farm yard we drove by is just one mile off of the heavily traveled Hwy 169, and you'd never realize you were only about 3 miles south of Mystic Lake never takes long to get away from the metro feel out here and just pretend you are right back home in Otter Tail County!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Cleaning Out

My pack-rat husband has finally started to clean out boxes he's not opened since we met....realizing we need to simplify. In doing so, he's also become an E-Bay junkie... selling these World Trade Center coins he bought back when he worked at ShopNBC. He's done quite well... and hey, just that much less "stuff" to store we'll never use again :-)

Monday, June 16, 2008

Should I feel Guilty?

Richie got called back into the truck today... finally! Since he's a man who can't stand to not work 80 hrs. a week, he was pretty excited to get out of this house. This was his lunch he had made himself all lined up on the counter last night...I kinda felt bad... :-) Let's see... there's crackers..potato chips.... fig newton cookies...cashews...a peanut butter sandwich and a granola bar... the guy eats like a bird....Someboy help the Man!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Lesson Learned!

They say you often marry someone just like your Dad....well, I'm not certain that happened in my life in either instance, but there are a few traits Richie has that make me go "whoah.. OK DAD".... One of those is the cars he drives. My Dad always had a nice shiny new cadillac at home in the garage, while he putzed around town in his old, old pickup. Since I've known Richie, he's always had a shiny new pickup in the garage, while he drove around the Metro area AND delivered his 7 day paper route in a really OLD junker. Worse yet, when that old junker went down and was waiting to be fixed by parts from the nearest junkyard, Richie would just get himself another old junker to drive instead of driving the new pickup that he was paying a chunk of change to the Ford Motor Company monthly for. He would just simply call it his need to have a "backup vehicle" in case one of them went down. I look at that as an awfully big expense for a backup vehicle. Thus, this subject has caused me many a time to just shake my head and we've certainly had more than a few "discussions" over his rationale for doing so. Most recently, this has caused an argument between us over which cars will move to Moorhead along with us. Since there will be no more paper routes, I just assumed both junkers would stay here nicely tucked away in junk yard heaven. Richie???? Well, yup you guessed it... he can't let go of his junkers. He's had his KIA for 8 yrs...with 267,000 miles on it, a gazillion hours spent inside it, and every part imaginable that could be replaced having been....That would be tooooooo much change for him he says....he knows they won't make the drive on their own, but he's willing to spend the $$$$ to have them TOWED THERE! ! ! and he has no problem with them just sitting in the driveway! OMG is what my first thoughts are...hummmm........ OK... so the guy's really attached to these old cars I think. So lately, I've come to the conclusion that there is too much conflict in my life. I've tried to analyze why..... is it just my menopausal mentality? is it just life's circumstances right now? is it my husband's stubborness? is it other people's insensitivity to how I feel? Which all lead me to do something I never and actually read a book! There are two people I love to watch on the Christian TV Network and always come away with something I can use in on ongoing journey to work on my personality...One is Joel Osteen and the other is Joyce Meyers. I am now halfway through reading Joyce's book on Conflict Free Living. The one chapter that has had the most personal affect on me is the "I'm Right and You're Wrong" where she discusses this very problem she has with her husband. In this chapter, she reminds me of the principles I learned way back early on in my christian walk......but have obviously not kept in daily practice! It's far better to bite my tongue and let God convince my husband he is wrong then to try to prove I am right. So how does this all tie in with my thoughts today? Well, my answer to the prayer about "help him Dear Lord to realize he needs to let go of all those junker cars before we move" came this morning without me saying a thing! After staying up reading, and watching the storms roll thru and making sure Richie got off to do his paper routes at 12:30 AM this morning I finally crawled into bed. At 4AM my bedside phone rang. "I need you.. I'm broke down... Come get me"... the 4 yrs. I have been here, I've always feared this call... but until today, it had never come. As I tried to focus, he explained he took the KIA on route this morning and it froze up -- Of course, on the inside I'm saying "you idiot, WHY did you take the OLDEST car on your LONGEST route in bad weather when you have a brand new SUV still sitting here in the driveway".... so rather than start that argument back up, I say "sure honey, I'm on my way... where are the keys to the SUV?" to which he says "oh no, don't bring the SUV, drive the old Chevy Lumina and head on up to Wayzata" ---- crap... bring one junker up to save you from the other junker's failure. SO! brush my teeth....throw on my sweats...grab some flip-flops and head out into the dark morning at 4AM in the junker car I so hate heading down 494 to find Richie stalled somewhere near Kevin Garnett's mansion way back in the private paths of the rich and famous in Orono. I won't go into what transpired between us from that point on :-).......... but yes, we did spend the next 3 hrs together in the 2nd junker finishing his route, and yes, I did think of my Dad often as Richie was pushing me steering the broken down KIA over into the ditch area of the road. All in all though, it was a good morning .... because? It was the timing belt that went out and the KIA is now in junk yard heaven and won't be making the trip to Moorhead and adorning our driveway! Thank you Lord!... and I miss you Dad.....Richie could have used your help and car repair knowledge this morning :-)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

What a SISTER!

I LOVE getting personal mail --- something one doesn't get too much of anymore with texting, cell phones and e-mail...but when a hand-written card, or a letter, or a package comes it's sheer excitement on my end. Only a sister would know one's "favorite" childhood candy treat... and mine certainly does! Thank you for the care package Sister Sheri!

Thursday, June 12, 2008


My Mom thinks I am lucky cuz Richie cooks supper for me... so tonite when I got home, this is what was waiting for me - - scalloped potatoes of some type with "luncheon sandwich ham" ???? OOOOOKkkaaaaayyyyyyy then ! I just steamed up a bag of fresh veggies and concentrated on those for supper...:-)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Soggy Days

This was my view as I left the bank drive-thru today...and you all thought we lived in a concrete, bursting with traffic metro-area huh?

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Burgers at Floyds

We went back to the patio at Floyds today for lunch.... in the center of the great village of Victoria. It's the western suburb's version of Maple Beach and the only place I've found down here to get a burger that even comes close to the one Phil serves on good old Lake Lida.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Our Latest Adventure

Well..... it wasn't quite flying over to China to pick up the newborn chinese baby girl she's always dreamed about adopting... but it came close! 60 miles driven into Wisconsin, an encounter with one arrogant county sheriff & ensuing traffic ticket (G'ma was driving), a whole lot of name possibilities tossed about the car, along with a bunch of "what if' she's not cute?" nervousness and Ria completed the adoption of another family member.... meet Miss Emme... Katelyn's dream came true!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Spine...your Arc of Life

This is Doc and Molly, our massage therapist, smiling while they help people keep their spines in line! ....I'm taking the day off today to spend with Ria picking up the rest of her furniture for her new STUDIO and taking in some other fun things! Thanks for keeping me healthy ladies!