Friday, June 27, 2008

Sandi to the Rescue again....

I think it's time Richie quits operating a motor vehicle.. after the 4am breakdown a few weeks ago and the burial of his beloved "KIA", he did something he terms "lose the back end" of his truck... so these pictures were taken today with me following him in his truck heading straight to the repair shop...he loves that stupid old truck, even though he has no ownership to it. Must be a "man thing". The occurence reminded me of another thing I like about living out here in the western suburbs... the little market shed and farm yard we drove by is just one mile off of the heavily traveled Hwy 169, and you'd never realize you were only about 3 miles south of Mystic Lake never takes long to get away from the metro feel out here and just pretend you are right back home in Otter Tail County!

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