Sunday, February 1, 2009

Ramblings of the Sick

After 4 days of pretty much being down in bed with the chills, fever, horrific headache, killer cough, sore throat, throbbing muscle aches, it's time to vent.... being a firm believer in the body's innate intelligence to heal itself, I'm not one to run to the Doctor. I was lucky enough to barely even have a winter cold over the last 4 yrs as well, which I believe was due a regular routine of chiropractic adjustments and a good pattern of all natural supplement products. Being one of thousands of uninsured Minnesotans over the last 4 years, (as I was told in order to qualify for MN Health Care I'd have to either get pregnant or quit my job) I really had not been to the doctor. However, due to a kind-hearted, wonderful, new employer I'm finally a lucky recipient of ND BC/BS... hence, probably a good idea to go to the doctor. Well folks, since I got the insurance late last fall, I've found out I have these things wrong with my health....I have mild cellular abnormalities in my uterus, thus causing the need for a colposcopy, I have enlarging masses deep in the right lower outer quadrants of my breast thus causing an ultrasound showing two benign appearing adjacent cysts which need followup care, I have sleep apnea and and am scheduled for the CPAP machine screening next month, my glucose is 5.9 with a 6.0 being classified as type II diabetes,and next week I get to go in and see just how clogged that carotid artery is...OK so I know that's TMI but supports my thoughts that life was alot less complicated and worrisome when I didn't have the insurance --- sigh. Anyway, after my 3 hour excursion to the old Dakota Hospital I came away with pretty much what I knew going in...they don't know what's wrong with me. And that's another thing that really bugs me...when I walk up to the counter to check in the girl sits there takes one look at me and goes "Ma'am, you have to wear this mask to be here".. what???? "Ma'am this stops the spread of the germs you must have"... to which I note SHE'S NOT WEARING A MASK.... so my thought process inside is ...."hey, if she's going to take this front desk job with hundreds of sick people walking up to her all day and she's afraid of the germs, isn't she in the wrong job? Or shouldn't she at least be wearing a mask?" So another nursey type lady comes running up and goes (after I make an attempt to wrap this mask on my mouth) "Ma'am you MUST wear the mask up OVER your nose cuz that's where the germs are in your nose!!!" To which I reply, "look I can barely breathe as it is and I'm a tad claustrophobic when I can't breathe so I'm not going to cover my nose with it" to which she comes out behind the counter and pulls it up on me.. as I note to myself, "hey lady you're getting kind of close to my nose and you aren't wearing a mask either". At the same time, my brain is reminding me of another pet peeve of mine...Community pens on a counter top...I don't like them, won't use them. I carry my own to fill out paper-work, especially in a sick clinic. And as I sit down I see I'm the ONLY one there with this stupid mask on....and I'm thinking if the germs come from the nose and someone walks in who has just picked their nose and then grabs one of those community pens to complete the paperwork and the nurse takes the paperwork and the pen back in her own hands isn't that a major spread of the germ?????? So, I'm not a happy camper at this point and thinking to just walk out and still rely on my body's innate intelligence to do it's job...even though after 4 days I still have a fever. But, I've paid the $25 co-pay and don't think the nasty desk lady will give me that back, so I stay and soon I'm ushered back by another "mask-less" lady... I get the preview...temperature, elevated blood pressure, red throat...they give me the works... complete chest x-ray, complete blood work, nasal burn test...and the final review..."Ma'am, your paperwork all looks OK, YOU just look and feel awful so everything we guessed you have, it appears you probably don't, but you know these tests can be wrong so we'll just write you up four cute little prescrips that may just be a huge waste of your money anyway".... everything from Vicadin to Prednesone to Zithrax... YUCK. The Doctor lady comes in with the final analysis "Well honey, I think you are just going to have to tough it out and it's going to be another very long week ahead for you"... All of this mind you from about 5 -6 different staff none of whom were wearing masks. So I tear off my mask, thank her and feeling exhausted head back home to my sick bed. I know what I need....a good adjustment everyday from Dr. Liz, a massage for my aching muscles, a long, hot Epsom salt with eucalyptus and lavendar steam bath, and Ryan to get up here with his acupuncture needles and treat his old mother. Bet he wouldn't make me wear a mask. At any rate, I think they should ban community pens at these sick clinics...haven't you seen people put those up their noses sometimes?