Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Speaking of that....

In a second marriage most times you have no idea how the person you've married parents. Since Richard never really had a chance to be a hands-on parent, it's been interesting to observe him "parent" Miss Hazel. To put it mildly, she has him eating right out of her's a cake-walk for her....that's why last night I signed her up for puppy kindergarten. Last fall I remember him telling me that Hazel only likes "bottled water" now... what??? As usual, my response was a half listening "yeah, whatever" as I continued to give her tap water. Then a few wks back on a mild Saturday, we were hurriedly cleaning the garage so both cars could go in before the sub-zero's hit and I ran back inside to see this... Hazel carrying a mini-bottle of water around and whimpering for some....he had bought them for her and stored them in the garage so they were "chilled". unbelievable... he still was giving her bottled water and she recognized the bottle...even more unbelievable, he now tells me she likes it with crushed ice in her little bowl.... and all's I get on a Saturday is a bagel in a plastic bag????

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Morning Delish!

I'm one of the lucky ones who has a husband who will stop by her favorite bagel shop on a cold Saturday morning, pick up her favorite bagel and have it waiting for her with a good cup of vanilla nut coffee when she awakens. This is what I saw when I came down from my shower this morning! Evidently Miss Hazel thinks Daddy left it on the coffee table for her to enjoy..wonder what would have been left if I had not arrived when I did....Can such a little puppy down an entire very berry bagel complete with very berry cream cheese?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Winter Sparkle!

Aren't these two princesses the cutest ever in their new furry and sparkly snow vests? Grandma loves you girls! Good job Auntie Ria....

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Good Old Days

When I saw this in a store before Christmas, I just had to buy it for my know how as you age you start to wonder what people will remember about you once you're gone..and maybe want to leave them a little something to glance at once in awhile TO remember you :-) ! This so reminded me of when I was little and Dad used to pack us up in the car, tie the toboggen on the top and head for the hills of Lida. Rather than have us just slide down the hill, he would tie the t0boggen to the back bumper of the car and pull us three kids down the gravel roads. I'm still traumatized every time I drive down the hill on the far side of Lida just before you get to Rothsay Beach remembering how I always feared our speed would catch up to the car and we would roll right underneath the car without him knowing, or once he turned the corner the tobaggen would miss the turn and we'd go off that high cliff sideways. I can't remember every expressing my fear of such to him, but I sure remember having it. The little kids displayed here even reminded me of us... spoiled little Sheri in the front...and big, bad James in the bag with me just squished somewhere in the middle. I'm wishing I would have bought myself one now!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Speaking of Traditions....

Here's the crew gathering once again round the feast in Mike and Sheri's kitchen for Christmas. My dad built Sheri this kitchen island and it has been a family gathering place for many topics and many great meals since. Actually, it's been where my two kids have celebrated the Christianson side of holidays, birthdays and other special events pretty much their entire lives. Now the grandkids ask "when are we going to Aunt Sheri's?" With their home up for sale now, it's probably the last year we will do this at Stony Bar...wipe away the tears...change is good and sometimes necessary, and there's always new traditions to be started. Thanks for the many great memories Auntie Sheri and Uncle Mike, Auntie Johanna and Uncle Jim!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sunny Sunday

It was a good day to catch up on projects never completed before Christmas, like putting the names on the santa stockings (I need a bigger mantel...)

Miss Hazel decided to snuggle in and watch the Vikings Game on TV... lots of interest at the start

but in the end....she ended up like the rest of the fans....a nap seemed more interesting!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

It's Just Not Right....

This is Richie grilling in Mpls. last December.....
notice...just a tad bit of snow on the patio furniture
and the little piles of snow after shoveling....

This is Richie grilling in FARGO this December....
Check out the mounds of snow on the patio furniture
and the huge bank of snow after he shoveled a path to
the grill.... it's just plain...well... yuckie!

When we were in the Cities last Sunday, it was 38 above zero... the sun was shining... we didn't have to wear coats! Ryan even had grass still showing on the south side of his house. Got back home here, and this is how our patio looked.... Uff-dah is all I can say.


When I little, my Dad helped his sister Bainy build a home right next door to ours... so I grew up seeing my cousins Judy, Johnny and Jeri Ann every day. When I got married, my Dad bought lake property and gave each of his 3 children a lot to build a home on so their kids could grow up right next door to their cousins...and he could see his grandkids whenever he watnerd! My brother and sister still live on that property and had 3 children each... thus Peter, Ingrid, Paul, Erik, Ellie and Lindsey saw each other almost every day. It doesn't look like that will happen to this next generation...something that would disappoint my Dad and makes even me sad when it comes to birthdays, holidays, recitals, school activities, sporting events and special occasions. So, I tried to start a tradition of getting the cousins together at the lake for a few days this past summer... so they would grow up having one thing they knew would happen every year, same time, same scenario....summertime water fun and picnics with cousins. These 3 sure do enjoy their time together...this was last week when they gathered to play together with their new American Girl Dolls! Gotta get those 3 down to the new store at the MOA where they can bring their dolls for a tea party.... start another tradition perhaps......

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Doesn't Get Much Better Than This!

Licking the frosting off of my Diago Cake that Mom made for me! Thanks for the DELISH birthday cake and lunch Ann and Ryan!