Sunday, January 4, 2009


When I little, my Dad helped his sister Bainy build a home right next door to ours... so I grew up seeing my cousins Judy, Johnny and Jeri Ann every day. When I got married, my Dad bought lake property and gave each of his 3 children a lot to build a home on so their kids could grow up right next door to their cousins...and he could see his grandkids whenever he watnerd! My brother and sister still live on that property and had 3 children each... thus Peter, Ingrid, Paul, Erik, Ellie and Lindsey saw each other almost every day. It doesn't look like that will happen to this next generation...something that would disappoint my Dad and makes even me sad when it comes to birthdays, holidays, recitals, school activities, sporting events and special occasions. So, I tried to start a tradition of getting the cousins together at the lake for a few days this past summer... so they would grow up having one thing they knew would happen every year, same time, same scenario....summertime water fun and picnics with cousins. These 3 sure do enjoy their time together...this was last week when they gathered to play together with their new American Girl Dolls! Gotta get those 3 down to the new store at the MOA where they can bring their dolls for a tea party.... start another tradition perhaps......

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