Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Good Old Days

When I saw this in a store before Christmas, I just had to buy it for my know how as you age you start to wonder what people will remember about you once you're gone..and maybe want to leave them a little something to glance at once in awhile TO remember you :-) ! This so reminded me of when I was little and Dad used to pack us up in the car, tie the toboggen on the top and head for the hills of Lida. Rather than have us just slide down the hill, he would tie the t0boggen to the back bumper of the car and pull us three kids down the gravel roads. I'm still traumatized every time I drive down the hill on the far side of Lida just before you get to Rothsay Beach remembering how I always feared our speed would catch up to the car and we would roll right underneath the car without him knowing, or once he turned the corner the tobaggen would miss the turn and we'd go off that high cliff sideways. I can't remember every expressing my fear of such to him, but I sure remember having it. The little kids displayed here even reminded me of us... spoiled little Sheri in the front...and big, bad James in the bag with me just squished somewhere in the middle. I'm wishing I would have bought myself one now!

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