Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hey Miss Emme

Remember when we were comparing notes on Katelyn's lap at the 4th of July Party??? Well THANKS girl for proving I'm not the only puppy enjoying naughtyville. After my mommy saw your mess she felt a bit better about my misbehavin' until she came home from work for lunch today and saw me standing here in the entryway instead of in the gated kitchen where she left me this morning... I had some mighty fun with my freedom today and decided to raid the hats and mittens cubby. I learned how to obtain this freedom by jumping over my gate those silly parents of mine put up for me... Come over soon for another sleepover... I'll teach you my tricks. That is if I ever get out of doggie jail.

P.S. If the pics are a tad blurry that's cuz Mommy's camera was on the bench and I got so excited when I saw her coming home that I peed all over it... ouch...that was BAD.

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