Tuesday, August 19, 2008

He's 34 Today - The Reigning Wild Marsh Golf Champ!

So I'm sitting there sipping my coffee around 7 AM on this day off from the clinic remembering 34 yrs. ago today when this handsome young man arrived in my world. All of a sudden this great commercial comes on of this young dude, about 13 yrs. old with curly, light blondish-brownish hair, standing in front of a mirror in his new school clothes admiring himself all while practicing his come-in line to the girls the first day of junior high school... and I couldn't help but crack a laugh thinking of how much it reminded me of Ryan at that age...and realizing too how much that young man sorta looked like Carter and how quickly Carter & Cooper would be in that stage of life...I think it was a K-Mart commercial...whatever, it's one that'll make you smile. All of a sudden another commercial comes on...and I'm thinking as I'm watching it "hey now that lady is living the life that I was born to live"...she's driving her light blue fancy convertible down an oceanfront road with her hair in a scarf and her big sunglasses on with her cute white puppy hanging out the back seat...wow... that's the life I thought. Haven't quite gotten there yet, but guess there is always hope. After all, my baby boy is only 34 yrs. old today! Happy, Happy Birthday Ryan!

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Anonymous said...

thank you mom!! It was very nice to read this and hear from you on my birthday.