Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I forgot to mention in the prior post that I brought my husband along for the move! He's had some major changes to get adjusted to, having been a metro boy his entire life. While I've been whining to move home for the past year, he's been patiently listening to me and agreeing to at least "try it". Since we moved in the summer months and it's not minus 30 degrees with the wind blowing from the North at 30mph, he's still here after 4 weeks. Check back in January to see if he's still hanging in there with me... but so far, he loves it. It's been hilarious to hear his comments however. After his first few days it was "Hey, Hon did you know you can drive to just about any point in Fargo within 15 minutes"? Another was "did you know that during the middle of the night they turn all the stoplights in downtown Fargo to just flashing yellow so you don't have to sit and wait for a red light"? I think his biggest complaint has been that the TV weather man can never get the forecast right here compared to Mpls. and I KNOW his biggest adjustment has been not being able to listen to Al Malmberg on WCCO radio from 1AM to 5AM every morning while doing his routes. The pic above was last week when by chance, I ran into Richard washing out his truck over on 34th Street in Mhd. during their paving marathon last Tuesday. It's odd how no matter where I am I seem to run into him out on the job. When we both drove bus for Chaska last winter there were 85 different busses out on 3 different runs each... do the math and think of the odds ....and who would I usually drive by out in a neighborhood or pull up right behind at a school drop? Richard! The weirdest occurence was last summer when I was driving thru a neighborhood over in Shakopee and I was talking to him on my cell... I had no idea what part of the Metro he was even working in that day and who drives by on the cross street right in front of me while sitting at a stop sign? Richard! I'm like.. are you in Shakopee right now cuz I think you just drove right by me....SO, a couple of weeks here and already I can't sneak- shop cuz he seems to be lurking around a street corner somewhere... Good thing is though he loves the job, thinks his co-workers are awfully nice to him, and looks pretty cute in a hard hat....well--sorta ! I did ask him last weekend though on our way back to Mpls if he remembered when our anniversary was... he did pretty good on that, BUT I then asked him how many years ago we got married and he said (much to my bewilderment) FIVE! 5 ??????? Guess it seems like 5 to him when it's only been two! Men....uff-dah

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gmab said...

I was also over on 34 street in Mhd last Tues A M and seen all the cement trucks. Did drive past some later that mornimg but didnt know if Richard was driving one of them or the other trucks. Now I know so will look for you Richard.