Saturday, August 16, 2008

Ya know you're in North Dakota when....

Last week I had my first experience with that true feeling of "oh yeah, ya bectcha I'm back" in North Dakota when closing the clinic up one afternoon. We offered massage therapy back in Chaska as we do here in Fargo. When patients would call for massage work back in the metro they'd be very specific..... requesting a swedish massage, a reflexology massage, or a myofascial release massage or even a hot stone massage. This is the phone call I received from an individual here in Fargo ! "HEY yeah...ummmm lady... do umm... you got that girl there still?" I'm now thinking does he mean the female chiropractor? so I say "Excuse me sir?" and he goes on to say "yeah, you know that girl you guys got over there.. .you know the one that does that back-scratchin?" which I had to put him on hold so I could get my belly laugh out!

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