Friday, August 29, 2008

Great Find!

Right after we moved back, Ria's kids were over checking out our new home. One of the first things Cooper said to me was "Oh yeah! Now we can have easter egg hunts around the little lake again!" It just made my day that he had remembered the tradition we had when I lived here 4 yrs ago as he would have only been age 3 and 4 back then. I got an even better surprise when unpacking boxes the other day, I came across this picture...haven't seen it in 4 yrs as there were several boxes I had not ever unpacked down in the cities. We even had one that year when there was still ice on the lake! Look how little Kennedy was! Can't wait til next spring when we can do it again and cousins Delaney, Jillian and Elliott (aka Joe-Bud) can join in the fun with us!

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