Saturday, February 2, 2008

What the ???

So last night, realizing there was nothing good on TV, I decided to channel surf while watching the Gopher/Souix Hockey game and find a movie on one of the Channels I never watch. I came across the movie "A Lot Like Love" with Ashton Kucher and Amanda Peet.... I liked the movie but laugh as I see the car they drive on their dates... it's an old rusted out station wagon....a cross between my sister Sheri's old gray stationwagon and my boss Scott Dirk's old burgandy stationwagon... both being driven back in the 80's.....only the one in the movie is kinda a medium blue with lots of rust on it. Then today, I'm cruising 70 mph down the new Hwy 312 and what comes buzzing by me cruising at least 80 ???? I did a double take... was this a dream still from the movie ? Could that be Ashton himself behind the wheel? Have you ever had an experience like that where you see something on TV that sorta sticks out in your mind and then all of a sudden the very next day there it is in real life right next to you?


Ann said...

Should you really be taking pictures WHILE driving??? C'mon grandma, let's set a good example!

G'ma S said...

Hate to tell ya this...but I've also been known to polish my nails while driving.....don't worry, if I'm ever driving your little ones I'll have both eyes on the road, and both hands on the wheel in the 10 and 2 o'clock position :-)

Ria said...

I was thinking the same thing! How in the world did you see the car, think to take the picture, get your camera and actually take the photo all before it passed you? It reminded me of that post I did a long time ago where I said I wished we could carry a camera around in our heads to capture things in an instant...looks like maybe you have one!