Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hey Mom LOOK!

at what I saw on my route yesterday morning...right when I grabbed the camera, the 3 of them started to fly'd a thunk I was 5 years old again, in the middle of the backseat of the Old Red Nash automobile somewhere down on a gravel road outside of Breckenridge with Dad hollarin' "Grab your gun Jimmer and shoot 'em".... knowing that meant Sheri and I were next up to hop out, walk the corn field and bring in the hunt so Dad could ring their necks and throw them in the trunk. All this makes me hungry for an warm orange Nesbitt's and an ice cream drumstick! P.S..... and no, I was not driving at the time... at a complete stop as the law requires in front of the railroad tracks :-) P.S.S.... OK the pheasant is flying away just to the left of the cross arm post! can't help it I'm a horrible photographer...

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