Monday, January 21, 2008

Have you . . .

driven the NEW HWY 312 ? That's a common question here in Chaska the last few weeks. After years of waiting for a quicker route than the stoplight-filled Hwy 5 through Eden Prairie and Chanhassen before you get to Chaska, we were finally thrilled to have a direct route off of 494. You can now hop off 494 and within 10 mn. be here in our driveway....we are a mere 1/2 mile from the off ramp and with just 3 turns you're here. What a difference! The one thing I don't like about it is the way they have dug the highway down deep so there are high hill-like walls on both sides. Also, it gives the appearance that we live deep in the country as you can't see the houses of EP or Chan along the's complete countryside! You'd never know you just drove by Bear Path where the Viking players live behind fenced guard gates...or past Lake Riley or past the Chanhassen Dinner Theater. I'm fortunate as I live only 1.8 miles from the Clinic and only 2.1 miles from the Bus Barns, so I'm not your typical Chaska commuter to and from work. I sure like the quick trip into the Metro area now though...the MOA seems alot closer!

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