Friday, January 11, 2008

Shoulda Known.....Better

For those of you who have read my prior two blogs this one will make sense...the way the morning routes went I shoulda known better than to show up to take a stab at the afternoon one...but they were extremely short-staffed so I did. Yes, that's right all those drivers that live on what I call "easy street" were at what the boss described to me as "somewhere warm right now"... hence leaving subs like me to make sense of their route and system. Well, as you guessed it, I got the kindergartners again... coupled with the "transitioners", or the term they use here for the high schoolers who can't quite make it in the mainstream of the "real" high school. Everything went surprisingly well until.... the bitter end ---- I got to the end of my route list and there he was.... the kindergarten kid pictured. I had a sheet labled "Sheep Bus" with addresses on it only... that say turn right on this street, then turn left on this street and most 5 yr olds can't tell one taupe house from the other taupe house in these new if MOM isn't standing outside at 3:30 I'm screwed. Yes, kindergartners here can't memorize Bus #634 so we have to be called the "Sheep Bus" and we proudly portray the "Sheep Picture" on our windows! Which as a sidelight, really, really surprises me since Miss Kennedy just out of kindergarten can rip off her 7 digit Student ID # for her school lunch card in seconds flat!.... must be smarter in the Moorhead School District.... whatever ------ the little smiley faced guy shown here just keeps grinnin at me as I'm saying to myself ....."hmmmmm wonder where this youngin' lives" and I wonder even more to myself " geeeezzzzz I sure hope he knows where he lives cuz there's no more addresses on this dang list" ----- so I take a gulp, put on my nicest smile after a crappy day driving this dumb school bus and ask him... "So buddy, tell me, just where do you live ?".... and without missing a beat he looks at me like I'm the stupidest lady on earth and proudly announces "South Dakota"......I won't even tell you how the story ends.... but I will say, that's one that would make even Old Art laugh out loud. Guess it's things like this that keep me driving school bus... kids like him are my prozac!

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