Sunday, January 27, 2008

Found a few more...

Found a few more pics to post of yesterday...worked my way through the crowd to take this close-up of the characters from The Wizard of Oz that had been sculpted complete with backdrop. It was my favorite. The other pic is the awards ceremony for the Pairs... if you read the Mpls Star & Trib today you saw the pictures of the couple on the right who were former champions and took 2nd this year. He didn't really care, as they were the last skaters on ice and at the end he dropped to one knee and proposed to her! You could hear the crowd surprisedly go "oooohhhhhh!". I even found myself saying outloud "Oh my gosh, he's proposing to her!". They replayed it up close on the Jumbotron and you could see the puzzled look on her face when he asked her...she's Korean or Chinese I believe and I don't think she quite understood at first what he was doing...he asked her again a 2nd time saying "you will marry me won't you?" and she then smiled and hugged him and said "yes" to which they got a standing ovation!

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