Friday, January 11, 2008

FOO - FOO ! !

What a change.... When I first met "Doc" she came across all TOMBOY! She's probably the best female rifle shot in the state of South Dakota. A great vacation for her is to head back to her Dad's farm in the small town of Kimball, South Dakota and go pheasant hunting! Before she bought her Lexus, she drove a Dodge Dakota truck. . . She's way more apt to show up at the clinic in her work boots than she is in patent leathers. She says the reason she hired me was because I came across all princess and sparkles for her front desk (what ???).... Anyway, Doc and I both like to decorate. We try to maintain a very homey atmosphere in the clinic.. which is one o the things I love about working there. We always put up several trees at Christmas and decorate extensively for every season. Yesterday, I came back in for the afternoon shift and look at what I had waiting there in front of my front desk! ! This Valentine's TREE! My Goodness Doc has gone FOO-FOO on me ! She teases and says the ostrich feathers on it are in honor of me... but I really think that some of my princessdom has finally rubbled off on good old Doc!

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