Friday, January 11, 2008

Still Crankeeeeee

Being's my mind is still spewing over the prior post, I had another thought----I can remember being in my Dad's office where he kept a large map of the PR School District and used colored stick-pins to pinpoint where route stops were....I can also remember him spending the month of August out driving the actual routes and timing them.....he'd flip over in his grave if he'd ridden along with me on the route I drove this morning ...and in essence, maybe he did...ha ha.,... He's probably up there saying right now "dollface, if somone in the chaska district just reads what you done put on paper, you're fired!"....whatever! Anyway, I decided to put my hyperness to some good use and clean my fridge...which of course lead to cleaning my cupboards that I realized had not been given a good washing since we moved in here over 2 yrs. ago. While cleaning the fridge I realized how impressed I've always been with my daughter-in-law Ann's fridge! It's funny when you visit your adult children's homes and see the different ways they live versus the environment they were raised in....I've always been pleased at how Ann's made sure Ryan looks clean and neat in his dress, and that his hair is always trimmed and fingernails are clean... man oh man how I remember trying to get that kid to wash up in the mornings during the elementary years :-) Anyway, everytime I'm there I just enjoy looking at the inside of her fridge. Not only are there organic and healthy food choices in there for her family, but everything is always shiny clean and neatly stored in containers and organized! I'm always so jealous---and as I looked inside my dirty, scummy -lookin' fridge this morning at the cookies, and processed sandwich meats, and packaged foods I've decided I need to turn over a new leaf...purchase some new, fresh storage containers, head to Trader Joe's to see my nephew and stock up on some healthy, organic foods, bottled water and keep that fridge shiny clean! Maybe part of the problems is my husband's wine bottles! What's up with this always having to have them in the fridge at a tilt??

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