Monday, March 3, 2008

What's a Grandma To Do?

So.... you're sitting at the last game of the season.... the "championship" game... ya check out the scoreboard with less than 3 minutes to go and it's tied... 5 to 5... hummm you think.... the same as your current age is.... you've got one grandson skating his heart out on the ice... you got another grandson bawlin' his eyes out in the net playin' goalie...he's let five goals get by can't go out and comfort you give him the thumbs up and cheer him on as he looks over at you tears running down his red cheeks... ya think back to the conversation you had with them at the breakfast table that morning --- "So what will you do if you WIN?"..... they say "we want them to play the song "We Are the Champions" on the loudspeaker.... then you ask "So what will you do if you lose?" (thinking they'll take it like men and congratulate their opponent with a handshake) and they say "Well Grandma Sandi, we'll cry"... so you send up a hope and a prayer....cuz face it, you can't lace up and go out there and help them --- you see their mommy standing across the ice taking their pictures, you see their daddy over on the bench in the coaching box tellin' em "this is your last game as mites so get out there and give it your all"... and what do you do ? reach for another blood pressure pill .... realizing you've got 10 more years ahead of you of games like this one...and hoping there's a stronger pill out there to keep your old ticker a tickin'.... by the way, they did end up winning the championship... and then you are the one ending up with a tear in your eye :-)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for coming to cheer us on Grandma!

Love Carter and Cooper