Monday, March 17, 2008

Future Tony Lucia or Alex Kangas?

It was a nice day for a drive yesterday, so Richie and I took the day and drove to Moorhead to see the G-kids in the Ice Show. When it was time to give our goodbye hugs, this is where I found my Carter.... where one can usually find him most the garage shooting the puck. Cooper usually never misses a hug and a goodbye, but Carter ? Well, ya gotta hunt him down for one. I couldn't help but think of him again last night as I watched the end of the Gopher/Mankato hockey game. Not being a girl that into Gopher Hockey in years of past, for some reason this weekend I decided to watch the best 2 out of 3 series with the winner going to the "Fab 5" or something like that....(ok now I know Carter is laughing cuz old G'ma doesn't even know what it's called) anyway, the series was all the hype on WCCO last week and the sports channels so I watched some of each game all 3 nites... and oh my gosh, did I get treated to some awesome hockey! All 3 of them overtime games and after each game I wanted to call Carter cuz I know how emotional he gets over Gopher Hockey wins and losses. I'm sure hoping that G'ma and G'pa let him stay up extra late down at the lake last night so he could see Tony Lucia score the game winning goal in the middle of another double overtime! Like the announcers said, it's too bad that both teams couldn't win that game... and I kept thinking of little Cooper crying when he played goalie up at his tournament when I looked at the goaltender from Mankato at the end of the game... looking like he didn't have a friend in the world. I'll tell you, if it ever comes to C or C playing goalie in a game like that and losing, I'll be down there in the net crying right along with them! I'm thinking Grandpa Mark should drive them down here for the game against St. Cloud at the Excel on Thursday night... and we'll go get the tickets so we can all go!... that is if the Pelican Rapids Vikings don't play in the Boys State Basketball tournament at the same time on Thursday! Go VIKES ! !

P.S. - look at the pic...appears it's time he learns how to shoot the puck left-handed too!

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