Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Do you know how you get your phonebook?

Richie's got a new gig...dangle a delivery in front of that man and he just can't say no. So I took a page out of my good friend Mary's book "how to happily be married to a Richard for 40 yrs." and helped him out before we headed to Mystic Lake on Easter. He says there are lots of families doing it with their kids and using the money for DisneyWorld trips...I could totally picture Tim, Ria their Suburban full of phone books and 4 kids heading into a neighborhood everyone running up to a different front door to drop off a phone book....lol.... OK probably not, but I could totally picture my dad having us kids do it as a family...and really it's a good way to get kids involved in setting a goal for something fun and working together to reach that goal. Easter at Mystic Lake certainly was different...but certainly full of alot of people who thought it was a good way to spend the day..there were LOTS of Grandma Beans there...shoulda had her along with us. Richie hungered for Prime Rib, I felt ham was my choice so we hit the Buffet.....WOW...we even won some money before we headed home.

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