Friday, March 14, 2008

A Better View Today....

This is the view I have at six each morning as I drive the streets of downtown Chaska on my way to either the clinic or the bus garage. They sent me out as far west as the district transports students this first pick-up being at 6:34 am in the farmlands west of Carver. I just love that area early in the morning as you're driving high on the bluffs up above the river valley. The clear darkened sky with the bright pink tones of the sun rise over on the east was the perfect setting for the sparkly lights of the bluffs and deep valley laying down before me.... almost felt when driving that bus like I was sitting on top of the world looking on down. Even though I drove 26 miles on this first of three routes and picked up only 6 students, it was well worth the early rise and firing up the big orange tin crate to bustle on down the road looking for students standing at the end of their farmyards in the dark. But the best was saved for last..... on the afternoon route over near Chanhassen on the far eastern section of the district I saw what I've been waiting for.... OPEN WATER ! with ripple-like wave action even! It was sheer fabulous and the perfect morale booster....Happy Birthday today to my daughter-in-law Ann ! !

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