Friday, March 28, 2008

New Fav's

Not driving school bus this week due to spring break has left me a speck of free-time to do one of my favorite things....thrift-store shop! Always keeping my eye out for a treasure I can take up to my booth at the Nickel Antique Barn and make a dime on, I had quite the luck this week...all the way from these dandelion plants I adore to the old, stained, carved, small glass bowl on the left for 49cents and just had to have the little white pitcher shown on the shelf which I got for a whopping 99cents. The best thing I got though were 8 of the green glasses shown on my hutch...each for 49cents... when I got them to the cash counter 2 other people came running to ask me where I found them...can't believe how cute they were and of course, realized after I got them they'd be perfect for Ria's new kitchen with her green accents... so she'll be taking them home I'd guess. Problem now is, I don't want to sell any of them --- uff-dah.

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