Sunday, March 9, 2008

Finding our way to Finding Nemo!

We just had to have our nails match the T-shirts, the faces had to be painted with Nemo fish, we sprayed sparkles in our hair to match our headbands, we had dinner at the famous Hard Rock Cafe, we shopped long and hard for our Nemo souvenirs, we took our fabulous seats to enjoy the show and when it was over we had enjoyed our usual group hugs as cousins. We all agreed that it was even better than last year and next year we won't be able to leave Elliott behind !! Wonder how he'll like getting his nails and hair done? Oh well, maybe he can tag along with cousins Carter and Cooper to the State Hockey tournament... and go with Dad to the Gopher Hockey Game that he got to enjoy while poor Grandma Charlene got left behind to babysit!

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