Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tim Jr....

With Mom at the Junk Bonanza and Dad with C & C at their soccer game, poor Kennedy had to settle for old Grandma at her soccer game on Saturday morning. Off in the rain we went, and as she sat in the seat beside me with that hat on I glanced over and saw a glimpse of another person about 16 yrs. ago that I remember hauling to a soccer game..her father! Thinking I'd sit in the car to watch the game so I didn't get wet, Miss Kennedy had other ideas and brought along an umbrella for me! So wet we both got while her team WON 11 - 0....Kennedy spent the 3rd quarter in the goal and did a GREAT job...she scored two of the team's goals so to keep up with her cousins Delaney and Jillian we had to go celebrate...too cold for the Dairy Queen so off to McDonalds it was! I see alot of that type of morning in the future with Sweet Lou...she really has her Dad's love and "form" for soccer!

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