Monday, September 8, 2008

Real Weekend

For the first time in years, I didn't have flowers this summer. So while I striped those living room walls, Richard watched his rain clouds and planted mums in the one whiskey barrel we brought up from the cities. We made some headway in unpacking boxes for the garage storage shelves...(yes mother those are the dishes you wrapped one by one just a few yrs back to get me to Mpls.) and I'm amazed Richard kept his mouth shut about my "having way too many dishes". This move, he was the one that lovingly wrapped each piece in newspaper, cuz he knew my way of doing it would be to just lay them in a box and go. We also took in a Redhawks playoff game on Friday night which was a total bore...although we did sit right next to Ryan Kelly of MOJO 104 so that provided something else for Richie to "watch". She certainly likes to entertain the crowd with her dancing in the aisles and her 2yr old son Elijah creating a whirlwind. I was surprised by one thing, that skinny girl actually does eat. I thought gals like her only ate in private....but she downed two whole hotdogs in a matter of minutes right there in front of us -- I just sat there eating my mini-donuts, feeling them go straight to my hips, and wondering why all women were not created equal.

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