Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Lil' Sisters...Ya Gotta Love Em'

I'm amazed sometimes at the things kids will tell me when I start picking their brain. Whether it be my own grandkids, kids on my school bus, or even kids at the clinic,I've heard a lot of things I'm sure parents wish were never repeated. Just last week it was my job to occupy a nervous 5 yr. old while his mom got I started in on my "20 questions" mode. I found out at about question 19 that he had just spent the weekend fishing at his grandpa's, caught a really, really huge fish named a "Sunnie" that had something he called "bright blue gills" and it was so big that his daddy plopped that huge thing in the freezer and said they couldn't eat it cuz he was going to stuff the son of a gun and nail that sucker to a board of wood and hang it on the wall in his bedroom above his bed (his words exactly!). Wow! Anyway, last night I ran into a situation where too much information was presented without me even asking for it! I called Ryan's to talk to Delaney and Jillian about how their first day of school went. Delaney took my interview first and handled it just as only she would....typical first-born, methodical during my questions, great sentence structure in her responses, kept right on subject and I learned everything right down to her mid-morning snack. Next came Miss Jillian... and this is where the trouble began. Now, the one thing about Jillian that has always impressed me is her enthusiasm.... about EVERY single thing in life. Jillian is what I've always called our family "announcer". If you spend time with her, you'll notice alot of what she says is done in "announcement mode". For example, when all the cousins spend the night she'll come running into the room and announce very excitedly "Hey everybody, we GET to go to bed now!"...while all the others whine about it, or announce "Hey everybody, we get to eat supper now" while everyone else crabs about what we're having to eat. I think she became that way from her love of Dora and her Mom tells me that's what you see Dora doing in her DVD's. Whatever, I really love her spirit....this summer when she and I were teamed up in the run around the cabin with an egg on your spoon contest, we sorely lost. She came up and hugged me saying "That's alright Grandma cuz we did our best".... she just melts your heart. She's such a positive kid and I've always thought after spending time with her that I hope she can keep that attitude through her entire life cuz it will sure make her life alot easier. Anyway, back to the phone conversation. She was all over the map with my questions....and all of a sudden she starts telling me about a new desk Delaney got... and that the desk had lots of drawers...some with school supplies in them but one drawer was a private drawer for just Delaney.....which I took that she was not allowed to ever go into since they share a bedroom together. Then she said "I'm sitting at her desk right now Grandma and you wanna know a secret? I'll tell you one thing that Delaney keeps in her private drawer right now Grandma..." to which by the time I told her that wasn't a good idea she had already opened the drawer and spilled the beans! So now not only does Jillian know what's in Delaney's private drawer so does Grandma! And I swear, I didn't even ask!!! I'm sure they'll be alot more of that for these 2 sisters and sorta makes me remember my days at Camp Linda with my little sister Sheri. Dad built us two small rooms out of one larger upstairs room since we didn't get along sharing. He put a bathroom in the middle with a door on each end...and of course me being the older sister, I got to pick the room with the window facing the lake...she got the window facing the road :-(. My best guess is though, she being the more "Jillian" type and me being the more "Delaney" type, my private drawers were gone thru at time as well :-).


Ann said...

Well Grandma, not to disappoint, but the private drawer actually belongs to Julie - Jillian's American Girl Doll. She got a doll vanity from Grandma Charlene for her birthday. She calls it Julie's desk and there are 2 drawers in it - she must have decided that 1 was her private drawer and 1 was for her brush and clips and stuff. So she wasn't invading her sister's stuff! They would both likely share their private stuff with eachother and totally keep it all secret from mom, they are much like twins in how close they are to one another!

G'ma S said...

I KNEW I was going deaf!! Ya know, Jillybean talks so fast and so excitedly I was having a hard time hearing her, and I kept asking her "What?" and she just kept right on talking!! And I said Delaney? and I thought she said "Yes Grandma"...but here she was saying Julie?? Uff-dah.. I am old. So glad that Julie has a place for her "stuff" and now I don't have to keep a secret from Delaney!