Wednesday, September 3, 2008

It's Been Awhile

Well school started yesterday and for the 1st time in many years I didn't saddle up in the big orange crate on wheels. I started driving when Ryan was in kindergarten and he's now 34, so that's been alot of 1st days of school for me delivering kids. Didn't really miss it a bit...trying to keep the windows defogged from the rainy morning, having sopping wet kids shake the rain off their backpacks in front of me, dealing with mothers who want to get on the bus and hand-pick their kid's seat for them and then stand in the doorway asking me questions I have no answer for since the District makes the decisions on timing and delivery locations......Nope ! Didn't miss it a bit! What I did get to do was meet the kids when they got off the bus....Well, all except for Katelyn, now an 8th grader, who has informed me "Gramma, don't ever do that would be soooooooo embarrassing"! I also got to do what every Grandma wants do for her G-Kids after school... BAKE cookies and share a milk and cookie snack with them....listen to their stories of the 1st day. I've never gotten to do that either...not even with my own kids since I drove bus every afternoon of their entire school careers. It was fun...up until Cooper asked me "So Gramma, whatcha cookin' us for supper then? I want ham and baked beans!".....hummm....better stock up on groceries, find some new recipes and start using my new kitchen :-)

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