Friday, May 23, 2008

This was the view as I stepped out the back door at 6:00 AM this morning to drive bus... another "aha" moment that I just had to stop and spend a few moments taking it all in. The morning got a little worse from there... I ended up with what's known as the "Pickle Plant" route again... the trailer court down the cliff from the Gedney Pickle Factory where most of the plant workers from Mexico live. Nice thing about this route ? It has two whole stops... and your fully loaded.... you get to head straight to the Middle School and let 'em go. I was still in the moment of the beauty of the spring morning when my thoughts were suddenly interrupted by the two male 7th grade students sitting behind me.... one had evidently seen two women kissing on the Grey's Anatomy TV show finale last evening and was questioning the other about why they would do that... from which point I got to listen to a very detailed explanation from the other young boy about what a lesbian is....evidently the other kid knew what a gay man was... but had no idea anything like that existed between "moms"???????? he then went on to explain that there were other types of relationships too....! aaaahhhhh yes... after all these years of driving bus and you think you'd heard it all ---

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