Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Another Favorite.....

I was watching the commercial tonight where the grandson takes his grandpa out for dinner at the Olive Garden and tells him to order whatever he'd like cuz the meal's on him....wondering when that day would come for me with one of my grandsons! But, it made me remember my all-time favorite commercial... the one that causes me to have a true belly-laugh. It came out a few yrs. ago and involved a young woman moving off to college for the first time with her mom and of course, her grandma tagging along to make sure the room was decorated just perfectly! The young girl runs off to take care of business and returns to her room evidently thinking that her mom and G'ma would have headed home by then... instead she walks in with a group of her newly made friends all cheery and giggly only to find her mother sitting at her new desk and worse yet, her old Grandma snoring logs in her new dorm bunk!! Humiliated as ever, she proceeds to scream "MOMMMMMMM! ! Granny's SLEEPING in MY BED" All while Granny just peacefully snored away..... I mean, she was tired for heaven's sake from the big move! For some reason, the picture of that just rang so true of Me, Ria and Katelyn someday! I'm still laughing just remembering it while I write this. Hopefully, I'll never embarass any of my grandkids like that... at least I promise I'll try dear Katelyn, Carter, Cooper, Kennedy, Delaney, Jillian and Elliott!

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