Saturday, May 31, 2008

American Idol Revisited

I was treated to quite a performance yesterday afternoon by these two future Amercian Idol contestants! The girls were listening to their tape of songs by the American Idol finalists and asked me who my favorite was. Of course I said Chikizee and Jillian reminded me he had lost... she asked me who my next favorite was and I said "Syesha" and her eyes lit up and she said "me toooooo! so just wait Grandma"... I continued to read my magazine and the next thing I knew she said "turn around" and this is what I saw! She had put on her gown, adorned her face with plenty of make-up (that purple eyeshadow did the trick), grabbed her crown and her microphone, hit song #2 on the Boombox and proceeded to entertain me with a glowing rendition of Syesha's "One Rock'n Roll Too Many" complete with finger snapping and sexy hand-on-the-hip walking! ! I was astonished how she knew all the words and certainly was bustin' the same moves as Syesha did onstage! ! Delaney soon joined in the show and a whole lot of dancing & singing was done by all....Whoah Ryan and Ann! Enjoy those teen years!!

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