Saturday, May 17, 2008

Simple Saturdays

After toooo many weekends doing nothing but getting the house ready for sale, I decided to take the day and just some of my favorite on the deck, a bit of sunbathing, and a trip to one of my favorite places... the town of Carver. It's 4 miles west of here... a town about the size of Erhard. You head down bluffs and "the ridge" to the river bottom on a beautiful drive and there it lays...all 4 blocks of it! Every month on the 3rd weekend, the antique dealers hold their annual "occasional" sale Thursday thru Saturday. On Saturday, they hold an open air flea market in the city park with about a dozen or so vendors. The town has a post office, a gas station, a city park, a Klein Bank, 3 bars and 4 antique shops! PERFECT! Today, they had a fantastic band in the park that I could have listened to all day long. We had lunch at Harvey's the bar pictured here and my "find" of the day? The antique white park bench.... I LOVE it... and no Ria, you can't have it :-)

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