Tuesday, October 14, 2008

It's All about the Treat!

So last Saturday was National Carrier Day sponsored by the Fargo Forum where they held a pizza party, prize drawings and gave everyone free tickets to the Bison Football Game. Since Tim and Ria were off to Pittsburgh and I had Grandma duties for the weekend, I thought the G-kids might enjoy going to the game with us. When I had asked them about it a couple of weeks ago, I got this sorta quiet, stare-down from Carter - (aka "are you stupid Grandma?") and a sheepish "well Gramma, we're not really big Bison fans ya' know" (aka "you should know by now we only love the Gophers") from Cooper. They agreed to go however... and with it being a sell-out crowd in the FargoDome, I thought that maybe once they got there with all the festivities and crowd excitement their attitude would change.... ahhhhhhh... WRONG AGAIN GRANDMA!!! The top picture is of the game.... marching band, loud music, standing room only cheering crowd, fireworks and stadium-sized blown-up football helmet with smoke coming out of it....the entire stadium was on it's feet with football frenzy... and I looked over at the 3 grandkids and what were they doing? Yup, the picture says it all... 20,000 people standing around them screaming and clapping and there they were....sitting down eating the treats Richie bought them...not a clue what what all the excitement was about. I had to pull a Grandpa Art and start betting them quarters on the game....I lost...as did the Bison.

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