Friday, October 24, 2008

It's Official

Meet Hazel Nut Elton Wyman. She had to be registered at the vet today, hence she needed a name. Hazel because she reminds me of that Hazel lady that used to be on a TV show when I was a little girl...can't remember which one, but they just sorta have the same face...... Nut because I like hazelnut flavored coffee....the Elton Wyman is not hypenated so she can use either as I do....Elton when she's crabby at Richie and doesn't want to be Wyman anymore, and Wyman when she wants a new identity! She officially weighed in at 2.3 pounds. The vet was amazed at her calm nature and said she was perfect in every way. She's officially claimed her favorites.... Richie over me, (hummmm....) the big fluffy pink blanket to sleep in, the wicker chair that used to be mine to watch TV in, doing her job over by the air conditioner unit so no one can see her, rawhide bones with bacon strips wrapped around them, and loving to run upstairs so we have to come get her as she is too small to climb down. She gets her official "newborn" photo shoot at the famous rialee photography studio this weekend, and it looks like she's in the family now. From everything I've read about her breed, she's known to be a great watch-dog, and needs early socialization stop by and meet her. She's a keeper!

P.S. Hazel wants to congratulate Miss Emme for graduating from puppy class with flying colors last night! Way to GO!

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TBRKO said...

I loved that show Hazel--the housekeeper. Is that what you are thinking of?