Sunday, October 5, 2008

We Loved Ronald!

We had a great event at Rheault Farms yesterday helping families learn the importance of spinal health. Even though the wind was a tad strong, and the air a bit nippy, we had a great turnout and I'm in love with Ronald McDonald who flew in from the Twin Cities. He was a great entertainer with the kids, and gave us a full 3 hours of the best of what he represents in America. It's amazing how kids are drawn to him, and one little boy all of 2 yrs. old just stood there in awe saying" I really like you" over and over again! Kate and her friend helped us out dressed as clowns, even walking in the MHS Homecoming Parade in full costume to hand out flyers about our event. Now, IF only we could get everyone to understand that spinal health is not about the pain, rather about removing interference from the central nervous system so the body's innate intelligance can heal the system naturally without drugs, surgeries and other interventions and by removing the interference the central nervous system can run all of one's organs as efficiently as possible... much like a car tune-up. What I struggle with in this industry is all of the phone calls I get when it's too late and people are suffering with pain and expect a "quick-fix".... kinda like a "McDonalds' Drive-Thru" type of treatment...when if they kept their spine maintained all along all bodily systems would run smoothly! At any rate, we did our best to educate the public about the wonders of chiropractic and hopefully, Above and Beyond Chiropractic will become a household name in the FM Area!

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