Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Yes Doc,

I DO use the mug! Everyday at the clinic, we have our team huddle....which is basically our share time. We discuss the goals of the day, patients scheduled and how best to help them on their quest for health and wellness, and how we ourselves, can become more healthy, positive people. Doc is also big on the book "The 5 Languages of Love"...I've yet to read it, since I'm not a book reader! BUT I do know that one of her foremost languages of love, other than verbally telling me she loves me each week, is to give me gifts. Showering me with a little trinket of appreciation gives her as much joy as it does me. Most recently, I received this cute mug... and just wanted her to know that I do indeed use it for my morning coffee at home. The biggest thing I have enjoyed in my years of working at the clinic is the fact it's all positive energy.... even the days I come draggin' my "feeling sorry that I still have to have a job at age 55" self into work, I always leave huddle with a better, more "I'm glad I'm healthy enough to still work attitude"! I blog often about my bus driving adventures...but forget to get others enthusiastic for chiropractic...even though my own son has chosen chirpractic as his profession.
I ran across this at the clinic today and wanted to share it with my readers...(few, I know) BUT here goes.....Do you ever have these dangerous thoughts about YOUR health?
Maybe it will go away....Are you willing to risk that it won't ?
It comes and goes.....Why wait until it is a constant problem? (that one is totally my husband ) It's not that bad....Compared to what ?
I know what my problem is.... Then What is your solution? or...
I don't want to know (another husband one)...What you don't know CAN hurt you. What you do know can help you live a fuller life!
and the very best one...
I don't have any symptoms...Did you know that the first symptom in over 57% of heart disease is... a heart attack?
Don't let this kind of thinking put you and your health at risk!

I saw Marilu Henner on the Today Show this morning after driving bus... she was discussing her book "Wear your Life Well"... It sounded great...very informative.....I had no idea she was a writer, and have decided that even though I'm not a reader, I am going to buy myself that book. If you've heard of Erma Bombeck's "If I had my Life to Live Over Again" ideas one of mine would be telling my father to stop it when he taught me how to eat white corn syrup on top of my popcorn! ! I ate that one time in front of my grandkids with a spoon and they kept telling me "Grandma it's popcorn, not cereal"! He certainly didn't do me any favors teaching me that delicasse, although it is a fond memory of mine.... and I still expect popcorn balls at my sister's house each year for Christmas.

So Doc, thanks for the mug... and all the positive energy I get from you each day at the clinic...where we treat our patients with the certainty of real change, not merely symptom relief!

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