Saturday, April 5, 2008

So Similar....

The longer I live in Chaska the more amazed I am at how much it reminds me of Pelican Rapids. When looking for a place to live here prior to my actual move, I pretty much had my choice of suburbs in the western half. Richard lived in Minnetonka, but was willing to relocate anywhere from Maple Grove, Plymouth, Wayzata, Minnetonka, Eden Prairie, Bloomington, Chanhassen, Chaska, Savage or on weekends we would drive the burbs looking for places to live. Of course, I wanted somewhere on a lake :-) which eventually led us to Hazeltine Shores Townhouses in Chaska. I knew nothing about the town... other than it was home to the famous Hazeltine Golf Course. Now 3 yrs. later I laugh at the many things that are almost exactly like home. We have a church with a clock tower that chimes on the hour like Faith Church in PR, we have an exact replica of the post office, we have a Wells Fargo on the corner of one of the only two stoplights in our downtown... just like PR. We have a VFW on the other corner and a city park very similar to PR's...even our library looks alot like Pelicans.....and our clinic totally reminds me of Dave's old chiropractic clinic right on Main Street....but the strangest thing is we have a swimming hole right in downtown where the city kids swim in the summer..just like they used to at home. Then last week I saw this.... and I just cracked up... we even have people that store their boats all winter long right along side their garage and give them names like "Big Wally"... just like you see out on good old Lake Lida! Looks like I ended up right where I was supposed to be without even knowing it.

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