Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Unknown Blessings

One of the things I like about the blogworld is how you can link up to millions of other people's worlds...for instance, the other night while checking out Ria's blog I randomly linked to Bonnie's where I randomly linked to Pruses, where I randomly linked to one of my new favorites...jodyferlaak.blogspot.com --- I was having one of those weeks where the pity party for the crappy things I feel I've had to endure in my life was overtaking my spirits... and I started reading her blog whereby she has the same theory that she's one of those people who things happen to that never seem to happen to everyone else... kinda like wearing a sign in life that says "bad things just naturally happen to me so stay away". So, you can imagine my feverish read of her entries, until I came to the one where she lost her daughter in a freak accident. This entry then randomly lead me to one of the most touching, moving writings I've ever read. Every family needs to read this... A Letter to My Daughter... written as the April 11th entry on audreycaroline.blogspot.com. You can't help but be brought to tears, especially when putting your little fragments of a crappy life in comparison to the overwhelming grief, and why's of life these women have endured. The way they both have allowed their crosses to bear to be shaped into great blessings is truly inspiring. I needed to read those that night to remind me it's all about thinking and realizing that God is in total control no matter what....to chastise me that I don't do enough of it. It's a way of letting go that I don't do enough of. It's a way of your total being surrendering and just accepting and looking at it all as a blessing and finding the good in it no matter how horrific, that I certainly don't do enough of. I challenge you to read both of these blogs.... see where you measure up.

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gmab said...

I havent read the blogs as yet. But I have been blessed with 19 that,s right 19 beautiful grandchildren for which I thank God for every day. You have 7 super beautiful ones count them as wonderful blessings. They are a big part of our lives. Sometimes the rest that goes on in our lives seem not quite so bad.