Saturday, April 12, 2008

Hey Ria....

Remember last week when you stayed here, that squirrel Richard warned me about that he found living in our garage? Well, he wants you to know you don't have to worry about your old mom living in "critterville" anymore...he has ousted Mr. Squirrel from his lovely woodpile home in the garage... however, we have now discovered that Mr. Squirrel just moved his residence over to the wood privacy wall at the end of the deck. On a warm day last week, we noticed nesting materials piled in front of a hole in the wood on that wall.... then yesterday, when there was a mega wind with driving freezing rain from the North, we noticed this! Mr. Squirrel is no dumb squirrel... He closed the door to his Palace by pulling his nesting material into his hole! Must be hibernating in there, snug and warm waiting for Richie to deliver him hot chocolate to his hotel room door.

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