Thursday, August 27, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Looky, Looky who turned "1" last Friday. She's survived (or should I say "we've" survived) her first year and has hardly even had to have one of her calming pills lately! As the vet said "well now she's into her "teen years" ya know", I just about choked... Puppyhood was bad enough, and now we have a teenage dog? What I need is a menopausal dog who just wants to eat and feel exhausted all the time like me! Even though I've threatened to give her away, I never could now as it'd break Richie's heart.... here she is each morning as her best buddy leaves her to go to work for the day. She's even gotten to go out on the route a couple of mornings with him...might as well get her trained in to help throw the morning news!

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