Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Great Job Katelyn!

Ever have one of those times when you're going to be in your most favorite antique town in the entire state, but you're a bit short of extra spending cash cuz you are really there to be in a wedding as the priority? and... your sweet husband realizes it's going to pain you greatly to just have to "look" and "wish" so he reaches deep into his pocket and comes up with a $20 bill and hands it to you saying "now get yourself a treat and don't spend a dime more!".... and you go like "WHAT???? WHAT could I possibly find for a mere twenty bucks! Whatever...." but thank him anyway, kiss him goodbye and tuck the money into your pocket saying to yourself "well, that'll buy me and Kate a snack on the way down".... (wink-wink... we did stop for watermelon :-) Well, I did go to just "look" at a store and lo and behold guess what was waiting there just for me !!! This adorable, antique, metal, red phone... just perfect for our cabin. And the asking price? A mere $19.99 ! ! It was MINE!
Then overnight as I planned where I'd put my new toy in the cabin I realized it needed and rightly deserved it's own display shelf. So before we headed for home, Kate and I headed into another antique store with one mission... find a display shelf... that hardly cost a thing! and Guess What? ANOTHER perfect find... this time by Katelyn... .She came running with this shelf saying "Grandma... this will work and it's only five bucks!!".... so Kate, here's our phone now on display at the cabin on your very first antique find with Grammy! It's my new "Favorite Find".

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