Monday, June 29, 2009

The crazed world of Hazel-land

So the other night, I'm hanging out over at Ria's with the kids while she and Tim are out celebrating his birthday and admiring all the cute stuffed animals that Miss Emme has.... wondering if getting crazed-dog Hazel a larger stuffed animal would serve as a companion for her and calm her down some.... So I found a cute nice sized Easter Bunny I've had in storage and take it out for her to get acquainted with.... well when I came back downstairs after being up on the computer for awhile, this is what I found.... a triumphant little beast, proud of what she'd accomplished in a matter of minutes. That my friends is called "conquer and destroy" in the world of Hazel-land. Keep all other pets and small children away - - Hazel-land is a dangerous place.

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Ria said...

OMG.... that is just about all I can say.