Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Chesney... up close....

So we worked our first stint as "security" at the FargoDome last Sat nite when Kenny Chesney was in town. I pretty much knew what to expect, but Richie never having been to any kind of concert before,was one nervous rookie! After our "briefing" meeting with supervisors, we were off to our assigned areas. Being new, I figured we'd end up in the nose bleed section somewhere helping those with "beverage issues" up and down the stairs. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised to find we were put right on the floor... and not just anywhere....but right in what they call "the mix"...where the sound system folks run the show! Richie was about 20 feet away from me against the outer rail of the area and I was put at the entry... and told "listen, don't move even 2 ft. away from this entry... you have to make sure that absolutely no one gets in and out of here other than Kenny's sound/light people". OK, so I figure this will be an easy job.... what they didn't tell me was that short, skinny, little Mr. Kenny starts his show from that area.... I thought something might be up when a bunch of hunky bouncer type guys were prowling around me... and then several black equipment boxes got pushed in... next thing I know the lights go dim... and a large cable with a black metal aerial chair with a curtain around it gets lowered right next to me... and out from the table behind me pops KENNY!!!! two feet away! they strap him into that aerial chair and I hear him telling them to make sure it's secure all while I've got bunches of screaming girls charging at me to get inside the gate!! I remember spreading my arms out and telling them to "get back" while my supervisor came running over to help me. I look at RIchie down the rail and he's just standing there in awe with those silly looking earplugs he had in! flourescent green ones I might add ... sticking out like pencil stubs!!! He also had a great job of the night... one of Kenny's stage hands who looked just like Bob Dylan came up to him and said he needed help finding some women to take up to the sand bar area... the place RIA WAS LUCKY enough to get into right next to the stage.... He told RIchie his mission was to help him find tall, skinny, gorgeous women with their boobs hanging out.... cuz that's what Kenny likes to look down at from stage...... hummmmmm...... no wonder Richie had a smile on his face all night long... after the show when I asked him why that stage hand kept coming up to him with blue sand bar wristbands he explained this all to me.... so I took the plunge and asked him.... "did you find any for him then?" to which Richie proudly responded "Yup I found at least two of 'em".... I had to laugh..... over 14,000 people there... most of them young, attractive girls fitting this description and he could only find two of them.... guess I'm the lucky one huh?

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