Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Snoring Away....

So this is where I spent last night.....
yup, the lovely MeritCare Sleep Center...felt like I was in jail hooked up for my last rites.
This is my computerized wire panel....and yes, all of those wires were attached to my body "somewhere"...the pic doesn't do it justice as there were even more added after I laid down in the bed. Nor does it show the wires glued with ether and a blow torch to my skull. Good thing I had the gray roots washed away last weekend from my hair :-) I was told "light out at 10:30 and to try to fall asleep".... yeah... sure..... The room was hot... I sleep year round with the window open. There were only 2 pillows...I sleep with 4. The drapes were drawn with foam glued to the window panes for darkness...I sleep with the shades open with the moonlight beaming in....Try not to get up to go to the bathroom cuz of all the wires... I get up at least once a night....if you awaken in the middle of the night, they give you a sleeping pill to make it thru the night ---- I awaken at least 2 - 3 times each night...sometimes for an hr. or more. There's NO clock in the room so you have no idea what time it is AND the biggest disappointment of all? There's no snack cart with the candy striper asking you she can get you for a bedtime snack! Uff-dah!!!
So...how'd I do? Well all the results aren't in, but they didn't have to bring the crash cart in during the night like they do for some!!!! It took me longer than the normal 15 mn to fall asleep, I woke up SEVEN times during the night...(yes, count em 7 without being able to go pee) and when she came in to ask me if I wanted to get up for the day I thought it was about 5 AM and was surprised they'd release me that early and she just laughed and said "honey, it's almost 7:30".... Her final question to me was "so Sandra, how many hours of sleep do you think you got last night?"... I guessed "8"... to which she just smiled---- can't wait to hear the results of how much "actual" sleep their computer says I got.

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