Sunday, April 5, 2009

Isn't She Lovely?

On Friday, we got to do what every grandparent loves to do.... attend 1st grade and see what your grandchild has been up to all year. We heard lots of singing, saw a bit of dancing, listened to some poetry, got to wear some flowers she had made for us,got to see her desk and papers, had some cookies and juice and got to view a drawing she made of her grandparents! Delaney (bless her little heart) had me dressed in a very hip lime green and yellow skirt and top....I was stylin' in her drawing man!

Sorta broke my heart though when the little boy in the desk directly next to her didn't have anyone there :-(.... he said his grandparents didn't like the cold, so they were down in Florida enjoying the sun! So Grandma Charlene and I enjoyed some juice and cookies with him as well. All in all, a fun day in grandparentville.

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